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Welcome to the CATcerto!

CATcerto is the a project created by Lithuanian conductor, composer and artist Mindaugas Piecaitis. The world premiere was first performed on 5th June, 2009 by the Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra in Klaipeda's Concert Hall (Lithuania). It gained recognition in international media: BBC, Lithuanian TV, Baltic TV and the First Baltic Chanel (russian).

Mindaugas Piecaitis composed and directed the Catcerto for Nora The Piano Cat™ and orchestra, where Nora, the soloist, was brought in via video.

On this site you will find interviews with Mindaugas Piecaitis and Nora The Piano Cat. We also present a selection of videos from the rehearsal, the premiere and links to the people that made this a sucess.

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CATcerto live performance material is available from Edition Peters.



Main themes from CATcerto arranged by Mindaugas Piecaitis, available for download here.

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